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typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>NOVEMBER 2023

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>9th- Veterans Program 6:30 PM

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>10th- No School (Veteran's Day Observed)

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>21st- Pilgrim/Native Dress-Up Day!  Classroom Thanksgivintypeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>g Feast

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>22-24- No School (Thanksgiving Break)

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>27- School Resumes

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>DECEMBER 2023

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>1st- No School (In-Service/Report Card Prep)

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>8th- Report cards go home

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>14th- Christmas Program 6:30pm

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>15th- Noon Release/Classroom Christmas Celebrations

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>Dec 18- January 1st- No School/Christmas Break

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>January 2024

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>2nd- School Resumes

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>15th- No School/ Martin Luther King JR Day

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>26th- No School-In-Service/Progress Report Prep

typeof p=="string"?Xe(p):Pn(p)>We have started a new online program for communication, billing, and attendance.  If there are any questions or concerns with your billing this month please let us know.  Thank you

We will be starting a newsletter for the aftercare program.

KCS Weather Delays/Closures

Though school weather delays and closures are rare in our area, we need to be aware of procedures. In our area where there may be little or no weather problem, but a few miles away there may be severe conditions. Safety is the priority with as little inconvenience as possible to everyone involved.

If North Bend schools are closed, Kingsview will also be closed. For delays, someone will be available at regular times if you need to drop off your children. In any case, you will decide what is best and safest for you. Teachers will email.

In the office at 541-756-1411

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