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Pre-School/PreKindergarten does one fundraiser for the classes each year.  "Pedaling for Jesus" helps us to raise funds to equip the classroom with much needed items to enhance the students learning and socialization time.  Thank you for your contributions.

Pedaling for Jesus - TBA

Students pedal their bikes, trikes, and scooters around the track as a fund raiser for the Preschool  classes. Times are 10:15-10:45am and 2:15-2:45pm.

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Letters:          A, B, C

Number:         1

Shape:            Circle

Color:             Red

All About Me!

Science:         Plants, Animals, Stars, Moon, Sun,                              Water, Sand and our Bodies

Genesis 1:1     "In the beginning God created the                              heavens and the earth."



Letters:          O, P, Q

Numbers:       8 & 9

Shape:            Heart

Colors:            Pink & Purple

Valentine's Day / President's Day

Friendships / Emotions

Community Helpers

John 13:34      "Love one another."

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Letters:          D, E, F

Number:         2

Shape:            Square

Colors:           Orange and Colors of the Rainbow

Columbus Day / Boats / Water

Science:          Animals                             

Genesis 9:13    "I have set a rainbow in the clouds."



Letters:          R, S, T

Number:         10

Shape:            Diamond

Color:             Green

Families / Choices / Opposites

St. Patrick's Day

Science:         Plants

Jonah 2:9b     "What I have vowed I will make good.                         Salvation comes from the Lord!"

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Letters:          G, H, I

Numbers:       3 & 4

Shape:            Triangle

Colors:            Brown & Black

Thanksgiving / Pilgrims / Indians

Science:         Nutrition & Hygiene

Daniel 6:10     "Three times a day Daniel got down on                       his knees and prayed."



Letters:          U, V, W

Numbers:       1 - 10 in Spanish

Shape:            Oval

Color:             Blue

Weather / Seasons / Air / Plants / New Life

Luke 24:6      "He is not here, for He is risen."

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"The Nativity"

Letters:          J & K

Number:         5

Shape:            Star

Colors:            Yellow and review of Primary Colors

Christmas Program

Homes & Families

Luke 2:11        "For unto us is bord this day a Savior,                        which is Christ the Lord."



Letters:          X, Y, Z

Numbers:       1 - 10 in Spanish

Shapes:          Shapes and Colors Reviewed

Spring Celebration

Mother's Day


Exodus 15:2     "The Lord is my strength and my                                song, He has become my salvation."

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Letters:          L, M, N

Numbers:       6 & 7

Shape:            Octagon

Color:              White

Sorting / Big and Little / Left to Right

1 Samuel 16:7b "Man looks on the outward                                          appearance, but the Lord looks at                              the heart."

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