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TUITION 2023-2024

Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten Tuition

Application Fee: $175 per student.

Pre-School - 3's & 4's

(Must be Age 3 by September 1st)


Monday-Friday:     Class 8:05 - 11:15


5 Half Days: $2800 per year

To ensure your student's place in the classroom, please complete and return the enrollment forms and fee to the school office. We ask that all new families meet with our Administrator and we welcome you and your student to take a tour of the school as well.



The enrollment application is to be completed by the parent or legal guardian and returned to the office with enrollment fees for valid enrollment.

**Enrollment fees are not refundable after June 30, 2023**

Kindergarten - Sixth Grade Tuition

Application Fee:  $225 per student. 

First Student



Second Student*




Third Student*



Tuition assistance is available, based on adjusted gross income from your 1040 tax form.

 You must show a copy of your 2022 1040 form for the 2023-2024 school year.

There is no tuition assistance available to Preschool or Half Day Prekindergarten students.

2023-2024 Enrollment Application

We thank you for the opportunity of helping mold your child(ren) into God's blue print for their lives.  We look forward to working toward this goal for years to come.

To request more information:


Contact the Office

Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

541-756-1411 Office

541-756-0105 Fax


Email Us

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Pre-Kindergarten - 4's & 5's

(Must be Age 4 by September 1st)

 Half Day Class  8:05 - 11:15

Full Day  8:05 - 2:00


Half Day - M-F: $2800 per year

Full Day - M-F: $5400 per year

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