Fellow Kingsviewers:


My name is Rick Wetherell and I will be the administrator at Kingsview Christian School.  I am returning after serving as administrator here from 2005-2013.  I am more than excited to return and hope to make Disneyland the second happiest place in the world-Kingsview being the first.


I am an educator and a Christian, having been involved in education since 1949 when I entered first grade.  I graduated from Eastern Oregon College and completed my graduate work at Oregon State University and Portland State University.  I taught English and coached multiple sports in the North Bend School District from 1965 until 2005.  After eight years as administrator at Kingsview, I have been substituting in almost every school in Coos County for the past four years.  Perhaps you are thinking, “Old?” –Just come and watch me.  I have been in a school somewhere every September for sixty-eight years. I just happen to be the mayor of the city of North Bend. I also possess an Oregon Certified Teaching License. 


Some things have changed at Kingsview-some have not.  One thing is certain and constant:  Jesus dwells in every square foot of the building and in the hearts of the, loving, well-qualified, certified staff waiting to serve your and His children.  At my blessed grandmother’s knee, I asked Jesus into my heart at age four and He has been there ever since.


KCS offers Pre/S, Pre/K and grades kindergarten through six.  All will be included in the numerous events and activities of the school.


As I have stated, I am more than excited to be back at Kingsview and look forward to meeting you and your children and answering any questions you might have.  May God Bless You and Kingsview Christian –where we are committed to preparing you student for life: spiritually, scholastically, and physically.


In His and Your Service,


Rick Wetherell

KCS Principal

About Kingsview Christian School

Kingsview Christian School has a very dedicated staff. Our teachers are state licensed and/or Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  Kingsview is accredited through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.  We do not receive federal or state funding. In order to offer an affordable Christian education we must supplement our efforts with fundraisers. This enables children of parents who cannot afford Christian education to have the opportunity to attend our private school.


KCS is an interdenominational school where our desire is to encourage children in their walk with the Lord while receiving a quality education. Discipling children is at the heart of making disciples of all nations.