August 12, 2021

     Welcome to Kingsview Christian School where every student is SOMEBODY, the staff something SPECIAL and Jesus Christ is LORD.  We are honored and humbled that you have chosen and trusted God's school and our staff for the education and well-being of your precious child.  Working with you, we will do all possible to warrant your trust.
     Kingsview is a private, interdenominational, Christian school which does not teach any specific doctrine but does emphasize the life, works, example and promises of Jesus Christ and other positive Biblical concepts.  Our school is small enough (fifteen per class or less) that individual love and attention is readily available to meet every student's needs and aptitudes.  Our Christian teachers and curriculum are certified and there are aides in every class.  Our curriculum is closely parallel with that of the public schools.  The principal is very experienced -yet still energetic- and is part of every student's experience at KCS.
     Kingsview is YOUR school and your input and participation is welcomed, encouraged and even expected.  Teachers, all staff and the administration are readily available.  Communication is an emphasis.
    Thank you for becoming part of the Kingsview family.

In His and your Service,

Rick Wetherell   KCS Administrator   541-756-1411

About Kingsview Christian School

Kingsview Christian School has a very dedicated staff. Our teachers are state licensed and/or Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  Kingsview is accredited through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.  We do not receive federal or state funding. In order to offer an affordable Christian education we must supplement our efforts with fundraisers. This enables children of parents who cannot afford Christian education to have the opportunity to attend our private school.


KCS is an interdenominational school where our desire is to encourage children in their walk with the Lord while receiving a quality education. Discipling children is at the heart of making disciples of all nations.